The Callisto Protocol: teasers

Art Direction
2D/3D Animation
2d/3d Design
Client: Skybound Entertainment

As a die-hard fan of Sci-fi/Horror, especially the Dead Space games, I was ecstatic when ryan_nine at Sid Lee invited me to help develop some social content for The Callisto Protocol campaign.

I landed on a glitchy editorial style to give the project a sense of decay, corruption, and hacked transmissions to reflect the story's progression.

One of the the best things was the opportunity to make some analog glitching by setting up an analog system in my basement, capturing a CRT screen while glitching with a @tachyonsplus custom console. We also explored UI techy elements, 3D props, and general digital destruction.

Here is a sample of the results and process (Edit thanks to @jsheehan8)

Trailer Teasers
Gameplay Teasers
UI Development
Analog Glitch Development
Analog Glitch Setup/Workflow:
COMPUTER > HDMI/RCA Converter > Tachyon+ Glitch Deck > CRT TV < Camera 
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