"Level up your health and fitness with supplements that work" 

This was the conceptual path that guided our approach into the unique properties and benefits of the Sweatclub  supplements. We sought to reveal the untapped potential within each individual, just waiting to burst forth, aided by the product, without resorting to overt hype or excessive excitement.

We used wanted to let the visual do the talking for instance, collagen supplement offers smooth skin and elasticity, sourced from the depths of the sea, so we made soft undulating movements used creamy textures all lit with watery caustics invoking a connection with nature.

When highlighting BCAA and pre-workout, we wanted to convey a sense of bursting power, always with an underlying elegance and tranquility to emphasize that the user remains in control.

Throughout all our creative pieces, we envisioned a visual motion theme centered on leveling up and rising to challenges. To achieve this, we employed ascending camera movements and strategically positioned compositions to imbue them with a subtle but imposing sense of power. The overall goal was to inspire viewers to embrace their potential and take control of their health and fitness journey.

Audio Design: JEAN LAREZ
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