I was asked by the awesome team at Troika, to come up with a look for a sports highlights show called Halftime Report, but with the very specific request that I should not speak to any particular discipline, so no helmets no balls or anything that overtly said SPORTS! yet it had to overtly say SPORTS!
This proved to be a pretty cool challenge, and I started thinking about the essence of sports, how organized sports are all about achieving specific tasks in a set amount of time, time... so the centerpiece of it all would be a stopwatch, a universal symbol and device for all training. 
This is one of the looks I pitched, I had recently  been playing with what I was calling a high-def post-vaporwave aesthetic for some personal projects and decided to feed it  into the look, to break the conceptual rigidness of time and give things a free flowing feel through its iridescence and controlled chaos. 
Below are frames of my pitched look followed by a bit of the conceptual process that includes concept map, moodboard (yes I referenced myself) and write up, follwed by some of the iridescent high-def post-vaporwave personal stuff I had been doing and finally an alt color version as to quote the team, I had gone a bit acid-trip rave with the colors. 

Conceptual Exploration
Conceptual Exploration
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