This project born from the need to create a fishing gear brand based in Margarita Island, Venezuela.
After an extensive process of analisis, guiding the client to avoid imitating other existing logos in the market we managed to create a logo that excited our client and met his requirements.
We decided to make handmade illustrations for the brand's t-shirt prints and had Alfonzo Martin collaborate with us.
It had always been a dream to do a lifestyle shoot on a remote island so when it came to the photo-shoot for the campaign we decided to go to “Los frailes Island”. This is a small island with pristine carribean waters located a few hours off the coust of Margarita Island. 
After a full day on the water with our small crew we managed to capture the essence of the brand.  
This video exemplifies the lifestyle of the brand, and took the campaign into other media.
The video is overlaid with animated extracts of naval charts to give it an addicional  maritime element and give it a modern touch.
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